Tetsis Panayiotis (1925-2016)

The first recipient of the Moralis award

  • Studied under Frislander, Biskinis, Mathiopoulos and Parthenis.
  • In addition to painting, Tetsis worked with carving and murals (religious and non); his works are inspired by expressionism. He also taught in a number of Athenian institutions, culminating in being elected dean of the Athens Fine Art School in 1989, and becoming a member of the Athens Academy in 1993.
  • Broadly exhibited, including at the Biennales of Sao Paolo (1957 & 1965), Alexandria (1959), the International Carving Exposition in Lugano (1960) and Tokyo (1964). In protest against the dictatorship he refused to participate in the Biennale of Venice in 1970.
  • Shortly before his death in 2016, Tetsis became the first recipient of the Yannis Moralis award.