Roilos Georgios (1867-1928)

Teaching artists freedom from the artistic establishment

  • This famous artist should especially be noted for his influence on others. As teacher at the Athens School of Fine Arts, he influenced the next generation of Greek Artists. Roilos very notably encouraged his students to chose their own direction, rather than follow the narrow framework of the artistic establishment of the day.
  • For all that he himself was a firm adept of the Münich School, Roilos’ later works show a growing sensitivity for impressionism, which he clearly tried to introduce to Greece.
  • Much of his work is inspired by war: the Greco-Turkish war of 1897, the Balkan wars of 1912. Historical works, portraits, and events sketched in the heat of a battle yielded a distinctive style that did not aggrandize the protagonists. Mythology, religion, and landscapes also interested him deeply.