092. TASSOS Alevizos (1914-1985)

092. TASSOS Alevizos (1914-1985)

The Mistress

Signed hand carved woodcut engraving-matrix 100×52 cm

€ 2.500 – 4.000

This unique engraving-matrix (characteristic of modern Greek culture) is the original artwork that was created by Tassos Alevizos and used exclusively for the cover of the album “The Sotiria Bellos Rebetika”. Design simplicity and sharpness effortlessly reveal the fine synthetic skill and design ease of the renowned Greek engraver. Sweetness and musicality organize his space into his own fairytale reality, achieving a poetic interpretation of the area. He largely promotes harmony in the relations of volumes liberating the composition.

This is the authentic hand engraved wooden plate the artist created for the cover of the musical record ‘The Sotiria Bellou Rebetika’. It is a one-off piece of art and a historic treasure.

Priv. collection Athens


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