009. GYSIS Nikolaus (1842-1901)

009. GYSIS Nikolaus (1842-1901)

Art and its Spirits c1870s

Signed pastel & crayons on paper 26×21 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.000

A fine period study by Gysis of his most famous 1876 oil “Art and its Spirits” in the collection of the Athens National Gallery.

An exceptional study of one of the most famous works by Nicolaos Gysis, a top representative and professor of the “School of Munich”. The work, which bears the symbolic theme and title “Art and its spirits”, is in the collection of the Athens National Gallery. The wonderful composition is organized along a diagonal; this, as well as the movement of the small angels and the bows in the bottom part, lend it great energy. The central form depicts an allegory of music, an angel playing the violin, reflecting Gyzis’ belief that music is the superior expression of art; the other arts are embodied by small cupids surrounding it, playing with their symbols-tools as well as individually referencing each art.


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