086. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

086. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

Young marine

Signed pastel /crayons study on canson paperboard 30×17.5 cm

€ 1.500 – 2.500

A tender depiction of the young sailor on a black background. The unique unpretentious and noble painting of this admirable Greek artist with its elegant lines and chromatic asceticism encompasses all the unique aesthetic elements that make up his language: austerity, alterations of the form’s volume, stylizations, violation of the fidelity through which a model is sketched on a flat surface. Through his peculiar use of light and quality of the drawing he succeeds in sensitively and subtly manipulating the value of the line aiming to focus on a psychographic imprint of his image.

Priv.collection Athens


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