083. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

083. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

Caique and amulets 1981

Signed & dated acrylic on canvas 46×35 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.000

A pulsating masterpiece of color by Spyros Vassiliou, with a nostalgic and romantic look, a poetic impression as a boundless dream. He uses fertile, traditional formulas to make masterful use of the color’s qualities; the resulting rhythm causes the entire piece to vibrate with intensity. The ship and amulets are skillfully sketched on a red vastness, which emerges through this single color, attributing the peculiar magic of an extraterrestrial hue. The abstract approach to the consciousness of the architectural sense in the shapes is obvious; it is artistically Byzantine and results from the good knowledge of aesthetic laws.


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