080. NIKOS (KESSANLIS) (1930-2005)

080. NIKOS (KESSANLIS) (1930-2005)

Ragazzo e Ragazza 1957

Signed & dated oil on canvas 80×95 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.000

A particularly attractive work by Nikos Kessanlis, an internationally acclaimed painter and Rector of the Athens School of Fine Arts. The forms are reorganized, breaking out of the hermetic body that entraps them and penetrating past it, qualitatively exploring the space through the orbits they trace. Emphasizing outlines, it invites the viewer to visually restore the fragmented form in the area while the pictorial language evokes an imaginary reality. A poetic mood is created as colors coexist dynamically; blues and greens converse, infecting the spatial relations on this painted surface with intense energy.


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