077. CALLIYANNIS Manolis (1923-2010)

077. CALLIYANNIS Manolis (1923-2010)
077. CALLIYANNIS Manolis (1923-2010)


Signed oil on canvas 55×80 cm

€ 2.000 – 2.500

The abstract Greek painter-lyrical poet delivers a poetic rendering of the landscape meant for the inner senses, in which color symphonies combine with a geometric idiom to create a uniquely beautiful architectural composition. With innate sensitivity he depicts that which is invisible, absolute. The painting surface is structured by a mosaic of sensitive colors, a tectonic discipline, while dreamy diffusion also persists. While the color values and light markings organize the painting surface, a mosaic of small openings, off-white cores and tiles, evoke the quasi-imperceptible whispers of a quiet internal dialogue.

His work is hosted on the London Tate Modern and many similar institutions around the world.


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