073. CANIARIS Vlassis (1928-2011)

073. CANIARIS Vlassis (1928-2011)

Abstract Composition c1966

Signed mixed media with collage on paperboard 50×70 cm

€ 1.000 – 2.000

One of the leading representatives of the 1960s’ Generation, chair of painting at the School of Architecture of the Metsovian Athens Polytechnic , with numerous solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, Kaniaris never stopped experimenting. Drawing inspiration from research on the role of art in relation to life, he creates the diary of June ’66 in Paris, with his own personal style, including abstract idiom, gesture and the precepts of his time. Sharp drips, a rough stroke and dynamism in the quality of the color, a simultaneous emphasis on the outlines condense the symbolic snippet-moment of life, elevating it to an elliptical frame through forms and language that echo an imagined reality.


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