066. AKRITHAKIS Alexis (1939-1994)

066. AKRITHAKIS Alexis (1939-1994)

‘A kite a suitcase and feathers’ 1984

Signed & dated acrylics on paper laid on canvas 67x 84 cm

€ 3.000 – 4.000

With this visual feast, the charismatic and poetic creator once again constructs a vehicle of escape from reality; amid the childlike narrative, the studied clumsiness, and the intense conceptual implications, the adventure, the journey, plays the central part. With this playful piece, he introduces us to a magical world, seeking both infinite freedom and the means of escape. The flighty kite is the vehicle, and the suitcase in its center refers one to the bare minimum requirement, symbolizing a liberation from anything unnecessary. A painting studied in its regressions, playful, attractive, that raises the viewer’s spirits.


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