063. NICOLAOU Nikos (1909-1986)

063. NICOLAOU Nikos (1909-1986)

The twins 1979

Signed & dated tempera on paperboard 50×70 cm

€ 1.500 – 2.000

With a unique expressionist formulation in the color-design correlations, the color becomes independent and spreads in a large section on the painted surface, creating the immediately perceptible flat space. The free and spontaneous contours combine with the explosive intensity of the color to give the painting special beauty and great liveliness. He chooses the idealistic simplicity of archaic sculpture, the simple design of classical angiography, the esoterism of the Fayoum portraits, the spiritualism and the two-dimensional frontal depiction of Byzantine hagiographies, while at the same time shaping a Greek modernism.


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