058. ARGYROS Oumvertos (1884-1963)

058. ARGYROS Oumvertos (1884-1963)


Signed oil on canvas laid on canvas 128×77 cm

€ 4.000 – 5.000

It is through an expressionist style, tense lines and a pulsating color even for details, that the artist seeks to depict the psyche of the personality it visualizes, underlining the erotic dimension of the human. He articulates the volumes with dynamic pictorial immediacy; he dares to capture the psyche of the figure through the depiction of the thinker and underlines it by the darkness of the gaze and the stillness of the space. The applicable qualities are stressed by the tonal molding, with its lively pulse. The absence of any effort to beautify the dark tones rendering the face and genitals, contrasts with the brightness used in the body’s other parts which removes its weight, reducing its earthiness compared to the face. The human form is rendered as dominant but also dominated by a distinctly erotic mood. The deliberately careless posture of the body clearly expresses the artist’s intention to render expectation, nostalgia, and anticipation.


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