026. STERIS Gerasimos (1895-1985)

026. STERIS Gerasimos (1895-1985)

Homeric shore

Signed oil on canvas laid on board 50×69 cm

€ 3.000 – 4.000

Poetic landscape, representative of Steris, with strong lyrical, symbolic, dreamy elements, with a metaphysical Cubist mood – “transcendence”, with a clear reference to the pattern of “the daughter waiting for the sailor-lover” taken from the Greek folk songwriting and poetry. The artist focuses on the soul of the landscape with the roar of the wave, the murmur of the wind, the toil and the joy of man. With a morphological language modern but uncompromising, modern but Greek, far from commitments of an emotional ‘Greekness’, in his effort, as he claimed, «to capture the ancient Greek vision, the Pythagorean …” His poetic power and brevity of expression give to the work a very special uniqueness.


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