103. AKRITHAKIS Alexis (1939-1994)

103. AKRITHAKIS Alexis (1939-1994)

Horizon 1979

Signed & dated mixed media on board 50×65 cm

€ 3.000 – 4.000

Transcending the naturalistic arrangement of the patterns, Akrithakis creates here this enchanting landscape of a tender dream, succeeding in giving it a unique magic of an extraterrestrial hue in a simple and unpretentious way. The forms in their simple austerity hover in a poetic spiritual atmosphere full of a special spirit of elegance and lyricism. The entirely suggestive rendering of the volumes transfer the artist’s poetic contemplation for the performance of the world in his own appealing visual idiom. The recurring patterns add rhythm and pulse to this wonderful work. While his abstract approach to shapes results from knowledge of the laws of aesthetics, he combines them with script , producing a masterful dialogue.

Exhib. Iolas Gallery N.York – Downtown Gallery Athens 2006 – Priv. collection Athens


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