102*. KATRAKI Vaso (1914-1988)

102*. KATRAKI Vaso (1914-1988)

‘Figures’ 1966

Signed & numbd. 4/8 lithograph 270×102 cm

€ 2.000 – 3.000

A magnificent work of monumental proportions. Always focusing on humans, Katraki captures here four figures in her own specific style. They are abstract and schematically rendered, with elongated limbs, narrow pelvises and high necks. The strong contrast of the black-white and the absence of supplementary elements characterize this composition. And the figures, with their positions express a waiting, an expectation and melancholy, imparting a sense of tragedy.

Publ.: ZYGOS b.1983 shown p.78 Νeo Sima, b. 1979-80


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