095. A.TASSOS (ALEVIZOS) (1914-1985)

095. A.TASSOS (ALEVIZOS) (1914-1985)

‘Girls with doves’ 1970

Signed dated & numbd. 10/10 woodcut75x53 cm

€ 400 – 700

Girls with big and expressive eyes fill the first level of the picture. Their bodies are weak, similar to Byzantine bodies, just as their facial expressions are also Byzantine. Nevertheless, the image is not Byzantine, just like its subject. It is as if the Byzantine style has evolved, as if we have reached modern Greek history. Chronologically, Tassos belongs to the generation of the 1930s, the generation that sought its identity through tradition. The girls are holding doves, symbols of peace, a concept that disappeared during the 1970s, where the specific work was created.

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