089*. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

089*. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

‘Motorcyclist’ 1976

Signed acrylic on canvas120x100 cm

€ 6.000 – 8.000

In this excellent rendering from the homonymous series of works, the artist, with a sharp eye on Greek life, with his recognizable explosive palette negotiates here one of his favorite themes that he has presented in many variations, a theme that had also occupied the futurists in the past. With clear reference to folk and Byzantine tradition and a peculiar expressionist brush he masterfully combines types of contemporary art that lie in the background of his artistic creation. An intensely colorful and bright palette, an anthropocentric subject matter appear on an unadorned and ungraded tonal background, through the peculiar distortion to which he subjects the caricatured figure, nevertheless faithful to the artist’s color scale strong tones and emphasis on design. In this abstract mood, the free lines and chromatic tensions coexist with the sharp observation: the motorcyclist is depicted with an emphasis on pictorial qualities, simultaneously revealing the artist’s deeper relationship with the traditional values of painting.  

PROV. Priv. collection Athens


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