088. CANIARIS Vlassis (1928-2011)

088. CANIARIS Vlassis (1928-2011)

‘Abstract composition’ c1958

Signed & dated acrylic /mixed media on hardboard 58×73 cm

€ 1.500 – 2.000

A painting of the great “Rome period” by Vlassis Caniaris, one of the leading representatives of the 60’s generation, an artist that never stopped experimenting, with numerous solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. This work belongs to the “Disaster in Marcinelle” series, referencing the tragic accident at the coal mines of the Belgian city of Marcinelle where hundreds of workers tragically died. Here, as in most of these abstract works, he paints with violent black and red strokes using an abstract language and gesture to imbue the piece with a dramatic emotional charge. Broad, intense, rough painting gestures, dynamic color values emphasizing the track of color, creating forms, weaving in a language that refers to a mental reality.


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