085. BLIATKAS Nickolas (1962)

085. BLIATKAS Nickolas (1962)

‘The port of Alexandria’ 2002

Signed mixed media with gold leaf on plywood 120×100 cm

€ 500 – 800

A storytelling work by Nikos Bliatkas for two reasons: firstly, it is one of a diptych that tells of an adventure that began in 2005 with Bliatkas’ participation in the exhibition «PORTS OF HELLENISM- HELLENIC LIMENOGRAPHY» at the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the International Center of Visual Arts AENAON, and which results in its present and pleasant reappearance here in this catalogue. Lastly, because of its picaresque beginning inspired by Lawrence Durrell’s masterpiece, “The Alexandria Quartet”, one of the most important novels of the post-war period as written by one of the top popular writers of the second half of the 20th century in which the city of Alexandria is the protagonist.

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