081. (KESSANLIS) NIKOS (1930-2005)

081. (KESSANLIS) NIKOS (1930-2005)

‘A version of the shapeless’ c1955-60

Signed oil/mix.media on canvas 137×108 cm

€ 3.500 – 4.500

An outstanding impressive creation by Nikos Kessanlis where form and color coexist dynamically; a restless, strong, direct handling of the material through the use of gestures and engravings all condensed on the canvas and reflecting the artist’s winding artistic journeys and his unhindered multi-medium experimentation. Rough and hard lines alternate with forms; gestures and materials are deposited upon the surface, colors soft and intense coexist in an undisciplined function of form. Those structural elements of his pictorial idiom that repeatedly preoccupied him serve here to deconstruct visual representation. The textures and gestural intervention on his painting surface convey a sense of vitality without mannerisms; the act of painting itself is the beginning of a narrative creating palimpsests with a poetic mood.


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