080. TOUFEXIAN Grigori (1913-1984)

080. TOUFEXIAN Grigori (1913-1984)

‘The last lithographic workshop’ 1957

Signed oil on canvas 96×74 cm

€ 1.500 – 2.000

A great work by Grigor Toufexian, a teacher, painter and engraver, member of the historic “Parnassus Philological Society“ and intellectual cradle of important personalities of the city of Piraeus. Expressionist, socialist and realist influences are obvious here with clear shapes transparent colors and compositional mastery in a perhaps unique rendering of the illegal printing house of Kokkinia which started operations in the spring of 1943 under the pioneering aegis of the artist himself. The detail in the realistic rendering, the comprehensive depiction of the lithographer’s operational procedures constitute the most reliable source of information about a now-historical core of the resistance in Greece.   

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