079. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

079. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

‘Sailing boats musts and the coffee’ 1979

Signed & dated acrylics / mixed media on canvas laid on panel 120×120 cm

€ 4.500 – 6.500

A microcosm of Vassiliou’s dream. Τhis almost masterpiece condenses and contains all those virtues that compose his appealing subjective and enigmatic idiom. In a simple uncomplicated way he manages to comfortably fit an incoherent dream with an unlimited sense of freedom inside a ‘todo’. In their unadorned simplicity, the forms float in a poetic spiritual atmosphere imbued with elegance and lyricism which lends them an otherworldly magically peculiar connotation. The artist’s nostalgic romantic eye renders the unorthodoxely placed disparate objects as well as the poetically rendered rigging, sails and masts; these are almost submerged in uniquely blue sea and appear to float, all the better to render an emotional and psychological dimension made of the unseen the paradoxical and the imaginary.

PROV. Priv. collection Thessaloniki

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