079. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

079. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

‘Ships at sea II’ 1957

Signed acrylic on canvas 80×120 cm

€ 5.000 – 7.000

A brilliant composition from the ‘Small Tankers’ series, created by the ‘absent’ master Dimitris Mytaras.  A great piece of masterful artistry in which a true chromatic musical composition with an enticing inner rhythm swiftly causes the eye to travel intensely beyond the two dimensions. The shapes, the sketched volumes, the pure colors, freely construct a dynamic composition that reflects sensations. With his paintbrush the artist leaves the trail of his truth on the canvas: beyond the contours or the form or the plastic formulation of the volumes there is a thought full of finesse. His abstract mood powerful line and his color tensions coexist with the sharpness of observation revealing his deeper inner relationship with the traditional values of painting.

PROV. Priv. collection Thessaloniki


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