075. KOUNELLIS Jannis (1936-2017)

075. KOUNELLIS Jannis (1936-2017)

‘Untitled’ 1980

Signed mixed media on paperboard 45×38 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.500

Work of the world-renowned artist and intellectual pioneer of arte povera Jannis Kounellis with direct reference to the installation “Kounellis” in Galleria Mario Diacono of Rome in 1980 where the walls of the gallery were reminiscent of the catacombs of Palermo. With the repeated use of the mask with hard impenetrable lines of the drawings it gives the impression that they speak of the fear of an entrapment-shrinking of the self within a drama. Masterfully he presents here a re-unconventional suggestion of Ensor’s atmosphere and Munch’s scream as a means of engaging with his social and psychological anxieties. A visual statement by Kounellis, acting as a cry of alarm and rebellion, as a consciousness of the human community, as a plea / call for critical creativity, and as a commitment to action. 

PROV. Private collection Piraeus


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