074*. NIKOS (KESSANLIS) (1930-2005)

074*. NIKOS (KESSANLIS) (1930-2005)

‘Anti-nicos’ (Self portrait) 1981

Signed & dated oil/mixed media on canvas 172×120 cm

€ 18.000 – 23.000

An imposing work of large dimensions, an amazing self-portrait of unique quality by Nikos Kessanlis, a Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts. With masterly skill he showcases his dedication to authenticity and inventive design often exploring the boundaries of identification and counter-identification.  It is an intellectual composition that demonstrates masterful craftsmanship while also offering a profound reflection on the inevitability of mortality, the allure of the fragment and its morphoplastic power as a remedy to forgetfulness. By juxtaposing the fragmentary and the primordial to restore rational representation the amazing picture establishes a significant dialectical relationship between matter and the lost image.

PROV. Priv.collection of D.Pierides (Pierides Museum of Contemp.Art) Bears C.O.A


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