073*. BOULGOURA Eva (1917-2000)

073*. BOULGOURA Eva (1917-2000)

‘Portrait of a woman’

Signed oil on canvas 40×60 cm

€ 800 – 1.300

The human form, and especially the female form, dominates Boulgoura’s artistic wanderings compared to her interior scenes and still lives. With a caressing melancholy her female figures appear in erotic rooms with a peculiar pattern of nostalgic waiting.The painting is characterized by a secure design and quality colour rendering. It combines the simplification of form with an emphasis on design and on the impressionistic character of light. The artist creates a pulsing contrast between the bright white dress of the subject, the luminous brightness of her skin and the dark inside space in which it evolves in. This activates interpretations regarding the sacred nature of feminine love and its fertile beauty.


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