072. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

072. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

‘Portrait II’

Signed oil-pastel on board 37×30 cm

€ 3.500 – 4.500

Representative portrait by Tsarouchis featuring masterful use of textures and shadows dynamic rhythm and chromatic nobility as regards the rendering of volumes. The figure is shaped with balance and clarity and its features emphasize the tectonics monumentalizing it; it contains all the idiosyncratic aesthetics of the artist’s compositional language: austerity, formalizations, violation of the design fidelity of the model by recreating the form in a flattened space. Its archaic characteristics allude to the ideal Greek face and the imperatives of the Greekness of the 1930s generation. His idealistic brush recreates the features while focusing on a psychographic imprint of his image. Light, as a shadow, masterfully renders the volumes with sweetness and unparalleled skill.

PROV. Priv.collection Piraeus


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