072. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)

072. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)

‘La bête oiseau’

Signed oil on canvas 90×97 cm

€ 6.000 – 8.000

With his strong color and recognizable style, the artist once again masterfully unfolds this impressive composition: abstract features and intense schematic and linear sharpness combined. A particularly tender work by Gaitis from the “Beasts” series of the 1960s. The quest to shape the form in order to capture his own truths was a recurring thing with many variations. Drawing the spontaneous gesture and using crude quick brushstrokes as raw materials, the artist captures a dynamic negotiation of the “beast-bird”. He incorporates the figure into the realm of a child’s magical world, full of rhythm and playfulness. The form loses its formal characteristics and is simplified by a need to renegotiate the painting from the beginning by keeping only the essential. The rhythm in combination with a childlike narrative, ironic innocence and subversive clumsiness give the hybrid animal-shaped but also anthropomorphic creature a dynamic , enhancing its penetrating ability in our critical thinking.

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