071*. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

071*. MYTARAS Dimitris (1934-2017)

‘Woman & angel’

Signed acrylic on canvas 80×60 cm

€ 3.800 – 5.000

Another wonderful work by Mytaras from his series of female figures of an imaginary stage that seal a large span of his creative path. Here he depicts the female figure with hair cleverly fashioned into a wing suggestive of an angel. Mytaras’s anthropocentric painting underlines female empathy conveying his love and respect for women. The artist creates a dynamic composition with bright vivid colours on an unadorned and profound red background dominated by the stark contrast with the off-white ghostly figure structuring the dynamic complex. The particular distortion to which the caricature-form is subjected transcends technique and logic while maintaining consistency with the artist’s interplay of three and two dimensions. Using a unique expressionist style he adeptly blends various forms of modern art with the traditional principles of painting that serve as the foundation of his artistic creations.


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