068. TSINGOS Thanos (1914-1965)

068. TSINGOS Thanos (1914-1965)

‘Flowers’ 1958

Signed & dated oil on hardboard 57×45 cm 

€ 2.500 – 3.000

Beautiful large flowers designed with a strong gestural raw and quick stroke in the making of the volumes, blooms full of dynamism. The flower stems with tension in the otherwise austere and Doric rendering of an extremely free form, impale the painted surface in search of restoration and release. The absence of perspective combines with extraordinarily masterful use of color and the momentum in the composition, creating the impression that these flowers are alive and longing to escape from the harsh framework of the painting surface, not unlike, perhaps, the artist might have wished to escape the tragedy of his life.

PROV: Private collection Athens


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