068*. CONDOPOULOS Alekos (1904-1975)

068*. CONDOPOULOS Alekos (1904-1975)

‘Untitled’ 1966

Signed & dated oil on hardboard 85×60 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.000

Condopoulos’s rich colour, with an intense rhythm of its own, structured freely and with symbolic value is masterfully used in its material substance as a structural element of his work. An intense struggle between colour, form, and shadow through strong colour contrasts, in which bright reds oppose shades of white and are complemented by black shadows that contour and suggest a rudimentary human form created exclusively from these three elements. Through the agonizing search for form the artist invades its vital space with a seductive sense of freedom through the act of painting. What happens on his canvas does not constitute an image but a pictorial event belonging to a field in which hermeticism is reproduced and rendered expressively. The poetry is enhanced by the pulse-rhythm of the color which does not simply follow the composition but shapes it.


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