067. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

067. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

“Mirror and gramophone’ 1981

Signed & dated acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 92×60 cm

€ 4.000 – 5.000

A poetic capture of the recognizably unorthodox convocation of disparate objects that are one of Vassiliou’s typical objectives that bring about the expected appreciation of the everyday. An excellent work, a microcosm of the artist’s dream that condenses and contains all his virtues. The forms in their austerity float in a spiritual atmosphere full of a peculiar spirit of elegance and lyricism. With a nostalgic and romantic look he renders the unorthodoxly placed disparate objects floating aiming at the emotional and mental impression of another dimension, invisible, paradoxical, imaginary.

This painting is offered with a Cert.of Authenticity by the Vassiliou Museum


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