067. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)

067. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)


Signed oil on canvas 102×106 cm

€ 6.000 – 7.000

A very impressive work by Gaitis, a deafening colorful unique creation with tools his unorthodox visual mythology and his design ability to masterfully unfold this explosive composition on the painting surface. With abstract features, intense shaping and linear acidity he deforms and alters the natural touching us in a unique way. It forms the sphere of a magical world full of rhythm and toys. The form loses its formal characteristics from his need to renegotiate the painting from the beginning and keep the essential. Its dynamic rhythm and color nobility combined with an ironic naivety and subversive awkwardness give the work a stunning unique dynamic.

PROV. Priv. collection Thessaloniki


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