066. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

066. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

‘Dry-stone walls in Myconos’ c1955

Signed oil on hardboard 72×78 cm

€ 2.500 – 3.500

A favourite landscape that Spyropoulos worked on in many variations during the transitional period 1952-1957 until he reached Abstraction through transcending the naturalistic object. Banishing conventional perspective, the artist used his innate sensitivity to minimize the horizon and instead depict the invisible, the absolute. “I spread the darkness to find the light”, the artist used to say and this he achieved here as color values and luminous highlights organize the painting surface yet leave little openings: small blue cores, like the subtle whispers of a low-voiced internal dialogue. The painted surface is separated by a mosaic of delicate colors of a tectonic discipline but also of a dreamlike diffusion.

Ref. G. Papaioannou ‘Y.Spyropoulos’ publ. The G.& Z. Spyropoulos Foundation’ var. p.174-177


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