065. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

065. SPYROPOULOS Yannis (1912-1990)

‘Composition with houses ’ c1950s

Signed oil on hardboard 98×67 cm

€ 3.000 – 5.000

An impressive landscape by Spyropoulos, which, through the geometric organization of its volumes, magically exudes a certain innate sensitivity and tenderness. By eliminating conventional perspective it minimizes, almost blurs the horizon rendering an image of the invisible. His painted surface is separated by a mosaic of delicate yet tectonically disciplined colors which convey a dreamy deffusion with small openings -cores of blue, yellow and brown act, like imperceptible whispers of a low-pitched inner dialogue.

PROV: Priv. collection Thessalonica

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