065*. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)

065*. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)

‘The newlyweds’ 1968

Signed oil on canvas 90×77 cm

€ 7.000 – 9.000

A particularly masterful narrative representation of a human landscape with the central theme of the pair of newlyweds surrounded by his expressionless mute rigid and tragically identical figures in a gathering. On the painted surface, the uncompromising important Greek modernist creates, almost caricatures, an encoded visual history. The contrasting mix of loneliness/crowd reinforces the artist’s commentary on his social critique of the indifferent rigidity and impersonality that stem from the modern way of life. He symbolizes the fate of the newlyweds who cross with their vehicle the wilderness of the crowd in a space that almost crushes them.


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