061*. SIKELIOTIS Georgios (1917-1984)

061*. SIKELIOTIS Georgios (1917-1984)

Island landscape

Signed oil on hardboard 70×50 cm

€ 2.000 – 3.000

A magical depiction of the island landscape by condensing the maximum into a minimum with the beauty of simplicity and the rudimentary writing and shaping of the individual architectural elements. The way of depicting the structure and organizing the volumes, Sikeliotis’s personal geography with coherent contours, austerity in tones and simplification of patterns, all with volumetric purity, refers to the spatial organization of Byzantine art. Although in reality the human presence is absent, it is nevertheless implied in this anthropogenic environment. In the non-realistic “panoramic” painting of the landscape, although the space is symbolic, the architectural volumes are distinct despite their abstract depiction, making evident the features of the neighborhood of the island’s settlement.


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