060. PREKAS Paris (1926-1999)

060. PREKAS Paris (1926-1999)

‘Tankers’ c1990s

Signed oil on canvas 76×76 cm

€ 4.000 – 6.000

A beautiful painting with great artistic qualities with regards to its color values and to the masterful composition of the volumes attesting to the artist’s sculptural aptitudes.  Prekas, a leading painter of ship-tankers anchored in ports, negotiates the voyage the longing for the search and the escape. His dynamic color combinations and masterful operation of light refractions enliven the tones and create attractive associations between the volumes structuring this lovely composition. With hard volumes and solid geometric structure he uses the formatting and utilizes the color gradients with an interior that, without altering the visual reality, transforms the tanker volumes suggestively into vehicles of escape, release and personal freedom.

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