059*. AKRITHAKIS Alexis (1939-1994)

059*. AKRITHAKIS Alexis (1939-1994)

‘A flower’ 1990

Signed dated & dedicated front & rear acrylic on panel 90×70 cm

€ 4.000 – 6.000

A hymn to the unfamiliar that succeeds here in becoming charming and prominent through playfulness and childlikeness. With his recognizable charming visual universe, the artist, with strong contours, composes his phantasmagorical otherworldly and self-enlightening flower with shapes that refer to the non-existent to the unencrypted somewhere close to the dream or the unconscious. With his subversive clumsiness he once again introduces us to a fairy-tale, magical, genius and eccentric world with a mentality that refers to the attractiveness of light through the virtues given to it by the stained glass technique.

Private collection N.S. Athens – A gift by the artist (1991)


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