058. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

058. TSAROUCHIS Yannis (1910-1989)

‘The zeibek dance’

Signed tempera / mix.media on paperboard 33×29 cm

€ 3.000 – 4.000

A wonderful and very representative painting by Yannis Tsarouchis; here the artist masterfully uses earthy warm colors and the strong contrast with the background to stunningly sculpt his volumes with light. In combination with the quality of the simple and unpretentious design, this unusual use of light effortlessly composes his iconological narratives with modesty, simplicity and no trace of hypocrisy. Strict schematized forms reveal Tsarouchis’ powerful plastic instinct. The morphic balance and purity that he derives from cubism and the avoidance of any anecdotal and supplemental type emphasize the tectonic features monumentalizing the form. The cultural forms through which the struggle between tradition and avant-garde are expressed here activated with immediacy and dynamism through the truths inherent in the elements from popular tradition in matters of space, color and form.

PROV. TIMOS Gallery Athens  / Priv.coll.Thessaloniki


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