058*. SKLAVOS Yerassimos (1927-1967)

058*. SKLAVOS Yerassimos (1927-1967)

‘The shapes of the sounds of music’

Signed oil on canvas 200 x180 cm

€ 7.000 – 9.000

A unique and highly impressive work in which painting and sculpture masterfully intertwine. Sklavos achieves a unique dynamic pictorial expression of sculptural forms and shapes by walking a tightrope between the values of color, light, power, and intensity of form. It is a masterful two-dimensional mix of painting and sculpture, with the plastic value of color building and affecting volumes shapes, displaying chromatic and formal relationships with a studied structural function. Structured with intensity and solidity the bodies are volumes molded with light and color floating in the peculiar space of the great international sculptor contributing to the dynamism of the work as well as to its monumental character.

PROV. Priv. collection Paris


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