058. (KESSANLIS) NIKOS (1930-2005)

058. (KESSANLIS) NIKOS (1930-2005)

‘Trees’ 1991

Signed & dated acrylic /mix.media on canvas 120×120 cm

€ 7.000 – 9.000

One of the most attractive paintings by Nikos Kessanlis of his emblematic series “Trees” he created between the years 1986 – 1991. The trees occupied the internationally renowned painter and Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts summarizing the virtues of all his previous research. The white and colored forms alternate with linearity, eurhythmy, theatrical layout that qualitatively explores space. The rhythmic repetition of lined trunks and the frontal presentation of the trees denying perspective and illusion charmingly touch the truth. Using language that refers to an imaginary reality, the artist masterfully emphasizes the outlines, inviting the viewer to visually restore the fragmented volume in the space. In this poetic ambient, said volumes converse and coexist dynamically with color, rendering the intense energy of spatial relations on the painting surface.

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