057*. MYTARAS Dimitrios (1934-2017)

057*. MYTARAS Dimitrios (1934-2017)

‘Woman and Eros’

Signed acrylic on canvas 120×100 cm

€ 6.000 – 8.000

Α particularly attractive work with an unparalleled depiction of the female figure in a moment of everyday transformation. The unique distortion of the caricature-form with his favorite symbolic mirror-erotide remind us of his adoration for winged creatures which he often depicts in his paintings the pinnacle of which is the illustration in the ‘Katakryotissa Virgin Mary’ chapel the Old Fokea town near Sounio.. Mytaras’ human-centered painting is primarily characterized by its strong design and clean powerful colors both of which are very prominent here. Abstractions, freedom of line, chromatic intensities and the subversion of three and two-dimensional space are how the artist arrives at a magnificent expressionist statement reflecting a peculiar lyrical and poetic disposition

PROV. Private collection Thessaloniki

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