056. MYTARAS Dimitrios (1934-2017)

056. MYTARAS Dimitrios (1934-2017)

‘Theatrical figure’ 1969

Signed acrylic on canvas 100×70 cm

€ 4.000 – 5.000

Art professor Mytaras masterfully captures this unique female figure rendered with an intense color and bright palette on a plain and gradient tonal yellow background, building a particularly dynamic composition. With a freedom the shapes, the volumes of its design, its pure colors, reflect senses. Through the peculiar deformation to which he submits the caricature-form, he surpasses technique and logic while at the same time remaining consistent in the mockery of the three and two dimensions. With a special expressionistic touch he skillfully combines styles of contemporary art with the traditional values ​​of painting that are in the background of his impressive artistic creation.


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