055*. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

055*. VASSILIOU Spyros (1902-1985)

“The Acropolis from the roof-tops‘ 1972

Signed & dated acrylic on canvas 60×80 cm

€ 3.000 – 3.500

A poetic depiction of the sacred rock of the Acropolis by Vassiliou whose soft and neat lines condense and contain all its virtues. In their austere simplicity the forms hover in a spiritual atmosphere full of a peculiar spirit of elegance and lyricism. He renders the recognizable familiar landscape with pale tones and a nostalgic and romantic gaze aiming to depict another non-visible dimension in an emotional and psychological manner. In particular the pink used to render the airy volumes of the rock elevates it to a tender image originating from the world of paradox and fantasy.

PROV: Priv.collection Athens

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