055. DIAMANTOPOULOS Diamantis (1914-1995)

055. DIAMANTOPOULOS Diamantis (1914-1995)

‘The seamstress’

Signed oil-tempera on card laid on hardboard 70×50 cm

€ 3.800 – 5.000

An impressive and particularly tender work by the pioneer Diamantis Diamantopoulos with a female figure rendered with studied primitivism, robust volumes and a linear rendering of the facial features that brings about monumentalization and an emphasis on the tectonic features. . With gentle soft colors and rosy color in the flesh the form-symbol is presented with sweetness and inner clarity. The style, simple and recognizable both in the color and the way of painting is the result of many years of experimentation and easily supports the truth that is involved in his way of capturing the ordinary working class people.

PROV. Priv. collection Piraeus


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