054. GALANIS Demetrius (1879-1966)

054. GALANIS Demetrius (1879-1966)

‘Country lane with trees’

Signed oil on canvas 46×55 cm

€ 2.000 – 3.000

Wonderful work by one of the most important painters/engravers of the 1st half of the 20th century in Europe, the internationally recognized pioneer Dimitris Galanis. In this work he uses  psychographic rhythmology and particular deftness to provide dynamism to the entire composition. He carves tense, diagonal lines that cut across the painting, betraying the creator’s skill as an engraver. With these diagonals and the sharp curves of the slopes, the sky, the ground and even the path, not forgetting the smaller, intersecting diagonals that make up the tree trunks and the rocky outcroppings, the piece gains an intense sense of movement and gives everything the appearance of a vibration. On the canvas every form, down to the clouds themselves, seems animated by a powerful moving force, breath or hum. Trees become the subjects of an investigation on shape: sharp rendering, broadly sketched sections and even the photographic shadowing endow the piece with vitality and dynamic rhythmology, causing the whole landscape to practically vibrate.

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