053. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)*

053. GAITIS Yannis (1923-1984)*

‘Les Gens et l‘Oiseau’ c1968

Signed oil on canvas 70×100 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

Timely and timeless work by the multitalented creator Gaitis; he negotiates the recognizable form that concerned him, which he also frequently negotiated. Seeking the reduction of narratives, he creates a symbol, a means of irony and social critique. He clearly references  the existential loneliness of people on account of consumerism and the massification of modern society. Like a catalyst, the artist critically transforms the narrative enigmatic yet poetic dimension of the form into a commentary on alienation, on the leveling of modern man. The strong color contrast of the orange background with the black and white figures extending outside the margins of the canvas combine with the oversized allusive figure of the bird to emphatically underline the lemming phenomenon the unconsidered acceptance of commands and stereotypes, even as nature exists to simultaneously break them.


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