050. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

050. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

‘Nefeles’ (Clouds) 1951

Signed & dated oil-tempera on board 44×64 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

This work is a very beautiful painting model of a play’s scenery in the context of a scenographic work by Ghika on the occasion of the performance of the play ‘Clouds’ (‘Nefeles’ by Aristophanes) that was presented in 1951 at the Greek National Theatre under the direction of Socratis Karantinos with the set and costumes designed by Ghika. That particular performance was a point of reference as it was the first time an ancient drama was performed indoors but also because it provoked many reactions in Athens and in Paris where it was also played in 1952, largely for its use of masks which, according to both the director and the scenographer, were meant to be more in line to the authentic performances in ancient Greece. This lovely painting was part of the preparatory work made in order to build the set but nevertheless it has major theatrological value in that it allows us to better appreciate the final set Ghika created which we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see as it was only recorded in black-and-white photographs of the time. In this stunning painting we recognize all the painting virtues of Ghika in the rendering of space, in his synthetic skill as well as in his ability to a wider rendering of the architecture of the Athenian neoclassical houses.

PROV. Priv. collection Athens

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