050*. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

050*. GHIKA (HATZIKYRIAKOS) Nikos (1906-1994)

‘Garden and paddocks in Hydra’ 1959

Signed oil/tempera on board 58×73 cm

€ 7.000 – 10.000

The brilliance of postmodernism condensed in one painting! This exquisitely executed work of art by Ghika from his gardens series contains all the characteristics of a postmodern work of art: a poignant depiction, fragmented narration, creative imagination, lack of hierarchy and organized structure, complexity, ambiguity and diversity. The identifying dynamic of the line plays a dominant role here. Even the curves of the botanical decor are rendered with broken lines with the unique exception of the curves of the central plant subject’s leaves. What makes this recently discovered work so remarkable is that, despite its relatively free structure, there is an exceptionally compact geometric spatiality throughout this unique and such impressive composition.

PROV. Priv. collection Athens


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